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    Tuesday, January 27, 2009

    LOL Medieval...In the beginning

    In the beginning, God created LOLCats, and it was good. Then someone (possibly the DEVIL) created 'medieval ceiling cat' and thus the seed of a quest was planted in the moist and fertile brain of Anachronista; Why not LOL-ify medieval art? The tiny seed became a great and scraggly tree from whence LOLFruit grew.

    Anachronista, knowing nothing about LOLFruit trees, sadly let most of them rot on the branch, unknowing of how to harvest the bounty. Until one day...

    "And lo", she said, "let there be LOLMedieval, a completely separate blog from Anachronista!"

    And the people were like, 'Yay! Huzzah!' as verily did they laugh and accidently spilleth coffee from thier noses upon the witnessing of such fyne humor, which can be viewed within the slide show below, or via a link in the sidebar over yonder on the right.

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