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    Monday, February 16, 2009

    Star Wars - Organic Food Parody

    The first Star Wars movie came out OVER 30 YEARS AGO which means that the futuristicness of it should be current technology any time now...I mean, we've already got little robots that will clean up after us (hello Roomba) but where are the personal spaceships? Real light sabers? Wookies?

    Real technology inspired by the films has been slow coming, but there have been numerous parodies, with the first being Hardware Wars. That little gem was one of the reasons I fell in love with the parody genre. As a child I learned that yes, you can make fun of something, and not only not get in trouble, but people laugh and want more. If I ever saw a perfect career path, that was it...

    So, 30 years later, it takes a pretty funny Star Wars parody to get my jaded attention. Being a gardener and all, and having made the switch away from most processed foods in the last couple of years, I love the message behind this one:

    ChewBroccoli. Heh.

    May the Farm be with you!!!!

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