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    Monday, February 16, 2009

    The Glorious Caped Whiffle

    Many people have called me a super heroine of the internet. Why? Is it because I leap tall blogs with a single bound? Do I promote justice and fairness in the face of tyranny and spam? Do I save trapped LOLkittens from fiery doom?

    No. I mock. That is my only power. I also provide links to other, funnier material than I could write or create myself. Then I mock that too.

    Witness this attempt at styling myself as a hero via The Hero Factory:

    Outlanders may notice the gold and green combination of our Kingdom colors, complete with an insignia that looks suspiciously like the Stag's Blood antler. Though I am not a heavy fighter (which are the only people who can receive Stag's Blood awards) you'll notice the big BAT I'm carrying in order to pummel evildoers. Or Atenveldters, whichever comes my way first.

    And the red belt? In the SCA, normally that would indictate that I am a Squire to a Knight, but not this time. That is where I keep my mocking gadgets. The fact that I'm obviously in a city, bereft of EYES and a NOSE is a bit disturbing. So I apparently I cannot hear or smell anything, leading me to belive that I have some other super power like echolocation. At least I can't smell the dirty pollution.

    Want to be a Hero too? Make yourself heroic at The Hero Factory!

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