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    Wednesday, March 11, 2009

    A Feast of Epic Proportions

    One of my friends pointed out that if I have Gatorade "G" medieval pop culture on my blog, I would be remiss not to also include the Snickers "Feast" marketing ploy. Even though it's ancient history in internet time, as it aired in 2007. But hey, I'm all about the time travel. Just let me set the wayback machine...

    So, what do a Pilgrim, a Viking, an English King, a Roman and a Polynesian Fire Dancer have in common? They all feast upon the gooey, chocolaty goodness of Snickers. Maybe they should meet up with the Gatorade Knights so they have something to drink.

    It occurs to me that I have taken several road trips in costume to SCA events, Renaissance Fairs and conventions. And I know I'm not the only one who drives to events in costume. Is it possible that the marketing genius behind this may have seen some SCAer's or Rennies all piled up in a car together, and thought, "Reenactors! Now there's a good idea!" I would have loved to have seen the boardroom pitch on this one.


    1. While we are at it, why not revive the Dominos Rubbish commercial (love this one):

    2. almost certain the idea stemmed from SCAers on a roadtrip....totally hilarious!!!

      Dio tells a hilarious story of popping into a gas station on the way home from an event, and getting all kinds of weird looks (even though he was dressed rather mundanely) was then, that he realized he was travelling with Ragno (flame boots, shirtless, and sporting a decorative vest while wearing little braids in his hair). Oh...i guess the looks are valid! :)


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