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    Friday, February 27, 2009

    Gatorade gets Medieval

    Gatorade seems to be the sport drink of choice for many athletes, and even some heavy fighters of the SCA. I've sampled the stuff myself a time or two on the fencing field, and verily, it doth quench my thirst as advertised.

    Someone at the Gatorade marketing factory has decided that the recent surge of medieval pop culture must not be complete without yet ANOTHER Monty Python parody. One that includes basketball stars, talking goats and fire-breathing poodles... oh, and one 'bleep'.

    Please understand that I'm contractually obligated to include as much medieval pop culture as I can on this blog, and that occasionally includes advertising ploys such as this. But there's only so far I can go without permanent brain damage. Probably won't be able to drink the stuff now without quoting "Your Mother was a polar bear and your Father was a figure skater!"

    Yep. Brain damage for sure.

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