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    Thursday, February 19, 2009

    Estrella War XXV (25) photo gallery links

    The armies have returned home from the 25th Estrella War! The digital cameras many of you still haven't unpacked are undoubtedly full of amazing shots of battlegrounds, revelry and colorful characters.

    So, what are you waiting for? Upload those babies to the photo sharing site of your choice and let's see the action!

    I'll be updating this post frequently, as I find new galleries. If you'd like your Estrella War 25 gallery listed here, please email me at anachronista (at) with a link to your photos.

    #1 The first shots I've found (via her bulletin on the MySpace SCA group I moderate) is adriana6's Estrella War 25 Gallery on photobucket: there's 14 pages! HuzZAH! I know what I'll be looking through for the next hour.

    #2 Here's another big gallery: 414 images in the Estrella War 25 set by Dame KoCH on Flickr includes Equestrian, rapier, lots of heavy fighters and boatloads of A&S images as well.

    #3 Even bigger yet is the Flickr gallery called Estrella War XXV by Jeff/Godfrey. 761 photos and 7 videos. From camp setup, to merchants row, to lots of nice closeups - you'll probably see someone you recognize in this set...

    #4 Another from Flickr is this small (25 shots) Estrella War XXV gallery by ladyelenbofa.

    #5 Another small (21 photos) but sweet set on Flickr comes from OliverDogberry, whose title A New Donning at Estrella War gives the new Don Todd from Atenveldt some love. Awwww...

    #6 Wuuga (also on Flickr) has 165 photos in his gallery called EW25 Hardsuit, containing all heavy fighting. I can almost hear the clash of steel!


    #7 Simon Drake emailed me a link to his 02.09 EstrellaWar gallery, containing some great shots within a handful of subject folders...and one stands out named 'Stake Your Garage'. Good times. Yeah, always bring nice long stakes.

    #8 A YouTube video channel by adrianas6 captures several moments (18 so far) of battle and Grand Court. Explore her videos further and you'll find many other SCA events, too.

    #9 And now back to Flickr, where an Estrella War XXV group has been created, just for shots from the War! As of now, there are already over 1,300 images. To post images, you must join this group through Flickr, but anyone can view them.


    #10 CombatChris was kind enough to email me a link to his Estrella 09 gallery full of great portraits, buxom ladies, camps, fighting, fencing and equestrian. There's over 400 shots, and I see a LOT of people I know in this set!

    #11 Darius Coligny has reediculous amounts of images up at his Estrella XXV 2009 gallery. The navigation to the 14 pages of images is all the way at the bottom of the page, so make sure you scroll all the way down. There's even a bunch of Estrella videos down there too! He's covered most aspects of War quite well, expect Rapier, but there's a great explanation for that about five pages in...

    Watch this space! More to come as they appear....


    1. It really is a shame that you could not be there. One thing that I've been wanting to do for years is get all the re-enactment bloggers together for a meet and greet at an event like Estrella.

      - hunahpu, the all-grain evangelist

    2. Yes, sadly, I was just days away from buying a ticket when I got laid off. Had I been able to go, I would have tried to arrange something like that. It would be great to meet other bloggers of like mind! Maybe at Pennsic...

    3. thanks for putting all those links together jinain...i always enjoy war photos! wish i could have gone...but sadly i have not been back since 2003 :(


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