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    Friday, February 27, 2009

    Of Princess Bride and F-Bombs...

    I've just had a blogging crisis. As you may know I try very, very hard NOT to swear on this blog. Lewdness is unbecoming on the internet and it never goes away. Last thing I need is some f-bomb coming back to haunt me, say, in the process of a job interview or future fame. I know, I worry about the wrong things.

    The problem? XKCD just published a comic about the Princess Bride...which I really wanted to include an image of here. But I just can't bring myself to copy the image and photoshop OUT the f-bomb. It would be like erasing the smile of the Mona Lisa...

    So, clicketh yon link, if ye be of strong health, if swearing not offend ye...and if you want to know what should have happened, when Buttercup discovers Westley is not only NOT dead, but a pirate.

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