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    Thursday, January 15, 2009

    Comedy Central goes Medieval..ish with Krod Mandoon

    Comedy Central is dipping their toes into the warm bath of medieval mockery with Krod Mandoon and the Flaming Sword of Fire, due to air in April 2009. On first glance at the trailer, it looks like they took script pages from Hercules, 300, Beastmaster and Monty Python and threw it all in a blender and pressed SPOOF. This is going to be way too easy to mock.

    Let's start with the title. "Krod Mandoon" is a tough barbarian sounding name, which is attached to the rather metrosexual germophobic son of a blacksmith and stay-at-home mom. But Krod spelled backwards is DORK. Keep that concept firmly in mind, as that is apparently the category of people the comedy shotgun is leveled at in this epic series. Oh, this is going to take at least a six-pack to get through. Epic indeed! Methinks I'll have to invent yet another drinking game...

    And "Flaming Sword of Fire?" Don't think for a moment that double redundancy is lost on me! If I wasn't such a medieval dork I might have just glossed over that part.

    Krod is joined in his adventures by Sizzlewick the potion-crafting warlock, Loquasto the farty ogre, Bruce the crossdressing widowed queen, and Annika, Krod's pagan promiscuous ex-girlfriend. Of course their nemesis is one Chancellor Dongalor, a bald evil genius who has the most powerful weapon in the world, and they must lead a resistance against him. This sounds exactly like an old D&D adventure I played many moons ago, so I'm pretty sure how it's going to end. Too bad I don't get *experience points for watching TV.

    Ah, yes, finally we get to the trailer. Be aware that they address such concepts as threesomes and bondage. Hopefully that goes over the heads of any kids who read this blog. Who am I kidding? The whole internet is practically rated R now...

    But seriously, if you are a LARPer, are fond of slapstick comedy mixed with your RPG's, if you LOVED Hercules, Xena, Beastmaster or any other cheesy tales of sword and sorcery, you'll probably get hooked on this show. I suspect I'll be watching it too, merrily mocking along.

    * But I DO get points for blogging. I'm nearly 12th level now!

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