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    Friday, December 19, 2008


    Per Omina Saecula sure has the math right on this one:

    Beowulf + Predator = *Outlander

    I agree. It's gonna upset the history purists as well. A few years from now, we'll have students in medieval literature classes all over the country claiming Grendel was really an alien because they saw this movie.

    I will of course sharpen my special mocking quill for this one. I'm sure I can find a few vikings to invade the movie theater with...

    *The movie title also kind of upsets me. I'm an "Outlander", meaning I live in the Kingdom of the Outlands in the SCA. Did they ASK our persmission before using it? Noooo...well, that's vikings for you. I think we've been pillaged.

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