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    Sunday, January 04, 2009

    Google Trends: FIGHT!

    Google Trends can be a nice way to discover what people are really searching for. Or in my case, see which two words will win a search term battle. Yes, I am really that geeky.

    Let's start easy, with Pirates vs Ninjas. Of course I knew who would win. Or are the Ninjas just keeping a reaaallly low profile?

    Medieval vs Renaissance are nearly tied. No big surprise there.

    Looks like Renaissance Fair vs Society for Creative Anachronism is a huge difference. But if you shorten it to SCA, then it goes the other way.

    Normans beat Saxons. Understandable, as this also happened in real history. Maybe it's because of the Bayeux Tapestry? History IS written by the winners...

    Maybe if Bruce Lee had lived he'd be the victor, but sadly, in this contest Chuck Norris wins.

    What a fun way to have historical personages fight it out, like King Arthur vs Lancelot! Fancy an *impossible catfight? How about Joan of Arc vs Boudicca? Meeooww!

    Try your own and post a comment if you like!

    *Impossible in that they did not exist together in the same time period.

    The image above is from the Holkham Bible, created in the 14th century. Published only a year ago, The Holkham Bible: A Facsimile is now available from Amazon. Man, I love the 21st century.


    1. You crazy girl!


      Can you get a job with Google or someone doing research like this? Might pay well.

    2. Heh. I wish. Google likely has plenty of Trend crunchers who wouldn't waste their time on Pirates OR Ninjas.


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