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    Saturday, January 19, 2008

    OK, OK I'll do it! Attack of the SCA meme.

    I swear I've been sent this at least 10 times, so I'm getting the hint that people want to know more about my SCA lifestyle and history. Well, here goes...

    1. What is your SCA Name?
    Currently, it is Jinan al-Hedaya. (pronounced ji-NAYN al huhDIEuh) It means Garden of Gifts, which I think is a nice way to say I'm multi-talented.

    I did not always have this name: I was once a Celt. Changing personas from Celtic to Middle Eastern was difficult, as I wanted the name to be phonetically similar to my first one, so people wouldn't have a hard time adapting to it. My original name in the SCA was Brenainn (pronounced briNAYN). My early last names included "ni Brandubh" and "Lamfhada".

    Some people will forever call me Brenainn, which is a constant reminder of why one should never find persona names from a D&D sourcebook.

    2. What time and where do you portray?
    Most of my event time is spent with Darbuka, a middle eastern household whose purpose seems to revolve around drumming, music and dancing, though we also do quite a bit of lounging around on pillows. We don't have a particular 'time period' or place that is enforced. Most onlookers think us gypsy nomads, a melting pot of desert cultures and costume. My garb closet is heavy on the ghawazees and shalwar, with a few tassels and veils. But I have costumes ranging from Roman togas to Elizabethan, so I can blend well in many time periods.

    Sometimes I'm Cavalier, when I want to fence. It's tremendously difficult to fence in flowing desert robes and veils, so that's my SCA alter ego, though that one doesn't have a separate name. Yet.

    3. In plain English describe your device.
    I have toyed with device ideas for years, but never actually submitted one. I have on several occasions consulted with heralds, but it seems everything I want is already taken. I am leaning towards flying camels now though. Is that an allowable charge? Should be.

    4. How long have you been in the SCA?
    I joined in 1993, so right around 15 years, give or take a few months. Apparently, you have to be in the SCA more than 20 years to call yourself 'older than dirt'.

    5. Do you have any special titles you have earned?
    Order of the Dragons' Blood (a Baronial Arts award) and Order of the Flower of the Desert (Outlands Grant of Arms for Arts) which means I can place the initials THL before my name and be referred to as an "Honorable Lady". Heh. That still makes me chuckle.

    6. What kingdom and local group do you belong to?
    The Barony of Caer Galen in the Outlands is what I write on the forms at troll, but I hardly ever make it out of Darbuka camp, unless there's some fencing going on or a big sale at Merchant's Row.

    7. Do you have preferred colors for your SCA Persona?
    Red and black for dancing, and green for fencing. Oh, excuse me, gules and sable and vert.

    8. What is your war that you look forward to going to every year?
    Glory War (in the Outlands) is awesome. It's not really on the Known World radar yet, but I think it's going to become the next Estrella War for us midlanders. Pennsic and Estrella are both great fun, but I just can't afford to travel to them anymore.

    9. Do you hold any offices?
    No, and I likely never will. I hate paperwork.

    10. Favorite memory from an event?
    In fifteen years you want me to pick ONE??!! If you are just looking for a NSTIW story, try reading about my first event, Pennsic.

    11. Are you a fighter? What kind?
    As I mentioned, I fence occasionally. Probably should do that more often. I tried heavy once, but my little birdy bones break too easy.

    12. Are you crafty (making things)?
    That *is* why I have two Arts awards...I've made scrolls, maps, costumes, and various other items, but lately I've been slacking creatively. I'm starting to pick up Henna again as an artistic outlet. Some of you will remember me disappearing from the SCA for a few years, when I was doing Henna for living. I'm not going to get back into it THAT much.

    13. Do you teach classes at events?
    I used to, many years ago, on Celtic subjects, and once or twice about Henna.

    14. Do you play instruments at events?
    If I'm exceptionally drunk I might pick up a drum and pound it until someone begs me to stop.

    15. Do you dance at events?
    Apparently not often enough, but I have been known to get out on the carpets and shake a bit. Again this is something I used to do *much* more often than I do now.

    16. Do you feel that there is enough flirting and chivalrous behavior in the SCA?
    I don't see too much flirting in my camp, but I can recall a time in the Barony of Dragonsspine when flirting was a given part of EVERY event. Cloven fruits and court dances like "Heartsies" or "Hole in the Wall" are a great way to get flirting going at an event, but I generally don't involve myself in open flirting as it's uncomfortable for me to do when I'm not single.

    As for
    chivalrous behavior, there can never be too much of that. In fifteen years, I've seen chivalry take a backseat to some other less savory behaviors, but I guess everyone has their own game within the SCA, so I don't let it trouble me too much.

    17. Are you a "Black Hat" or a "White Hat"?
    I have a black cavalier hat, but does that mean I'm on the side of evil? Black goes with everything! White hats show the Outlands dirt too much anyway.

    18. What is one of the reasons you've remained in the SCA?
    It contains about 95% of my social circle. And I need a place to wear all this garb I've collected. Since there's a dress code at work and all...

    19. What peerage(s) do you aspire to?
    I once thought I'd like to be a Laurel, and then I learned how early the morning meetings are at events. You want me to be not only awake, but alert at 9 AM at a camping event? HAHAHAAAHAAHAA!

    There are many, many gentles in the SCA who think I am a Laurel, though, and I still get the title ascribed to me occasionally. If you call me "Mistress" at an event, I will politely correct you.

    I was close to getting my Laurel once, years ago, when I was doing lots of scrolls, singing and sewing. Then I had the idea that I would move back to the east coast. I was told I would be Laureled before I left, like a 'parting gift'. But when the King at the time (who shall remain nameless) learned I had changed my mind and decided to stay in the Outlands, he changed his mind, too. Apparently, he just wanted to impress the East Kingdom with my status. I'll never accept Laurel unless it is on my own merit, and not the political machinations of some shiny hat.

    20. Who was Crown when you joined the SCA?
    I'm not sure, as I did not meet any upper Royalty for many months. I think it was Lief and Elisheva, though.

    21. If you are a Peer, who was the Crown that elevated you?
    I am not a Peer, but there are many who think I am. Again, I am NOT a Laurel.

    22. Have you lived in more than 1 kingdom and which ones?
    Outlands born and raised, baby!

    23. Have you helped found a group?
    I started the MySpace SCA group. Does that count?

    24. Have you had any house affiliations?
    I was, in the beginnings of my SCA life, involved with Corvus Aurorae in the Barony of Dragonsspine. I was also adopted at a long ago Pennsic by Clan MacDeth, and I can also walk into a NightWolf camp without too much trouble. I don't know if that is an actual 'affiliation', or just the fact that I'm a redhead and their leader seems to put up with me when I visit.

    I also carry the favor of Happy Clan, where I was named "Kermit" for my extraordinary stage management skill, or maybe the fact that I look and act like a Muppet.

    My current household is Darbuka, which is spread out over the Outlands and some other Kingdoms as well. So if you hear the sounds of drums on the night breeze, it could be one of us!

    Well, now, wasn't that enlightening? All that writing made me hungry. It's long past my lunchtime....

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