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    Thursday, January 17, 2008

    The SCA in SL

    So I've just attended my first virtual SCA gathering in Second Life. I happened upon it accidentally when a couple of the SCA in SL group members started instant messaging each other about an event that was taking place in a few minutes, and my account is set to deliver all group messages, so I asked and was invited.

    Pretty hospitable, just like the real SCA.

    The gathering took place on a store roof, which had been converted into a large field with a tourney eric and some nice colorful tents. A circle of viking chairs around a toasty fire completed the scene. A screen of trees protected us from the virtual mundanity below.

    There were just four of us, and we traded some ideas for marketing the virtual SCA group, chatted a bit about our respective real life kingdoms and eventually the topic turned to NSTIW stories.

    ANd it struck me: I have experienced my first virtual NSTIW story, while sitting around a virtual fire, drinking virtual mead, and virtually 'LOLing'.

    Ironic. And sort of creepy. I wonder if there will ever be virtual tournaments? Or A&S contests?

    They are hoping to attract more SCA members to the virtual world, especially fighters. Yes, I know that it's not like fighting in real life, but seriously, in SL you can launch yourself out of a catapult and fear no harm. Now, wouldn't THAT make a great battle scenario?

    So if you have a Second Life account and are looking for other SCA members, log in and search for the SCA in SL group. As of now, they are meeting on Thursday nights, which knowing the SCA, is likely to change at some point in the future.

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