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    Saturday, December 08, 2007

    50 volumes of Medieval Archaeology online - free!

    Happy 50th Anniversary to the Society for Medieval Archaeology! In celebration of the last half-century of publishing, they have released those 50 volumes online for FREE, all in a convenient PDF format.

    Of course there are
    terms of use which you should read...if you chose to fall down the rabbit hole for a whole weekend like I have.

    In a library I used to go to long, long ago, a few of the real volumes inspired me as a child, but many of the words or concepts were beyond me. These were the types of reference books that could not be 'checked out' so I had to read them there.

    When I pointed out to the librarian that some of the words were misspelled, such as colour, theatre, and catalogue, I learned that the curious way in which the text was written was the "Queen's English".

    Being born in Britain, this was one of the earliest memories I have of discovering my ancestry, since we left before I have any real memories of the place.

    I learned a lot about the history of Britain from these treasures, and now that I can go back and re-read, and finally understand, the body of work as a whole, I don't doubt I'll be re-inspired in a whole new way.

    Maybe I'll buy a metal detector and take a trip to the homeland...

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