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    Saturday, December 08, 2007

    King Thor of Long Island

    Can you handle MORE?? Yes, it is a SERIES. Watch them all here!

    "King Thor of Long Island is a reality/documentary hybrid series focusing on King Thor who runs a medieval fantasy group full of colorful, strange and interesting characters. Throughout the series, Jim, (AKA Thor) deals with the trials and tribulations of his new queens’ coronation, the strained inter-kingdom relations with a rival king, and the possible demise of his own kingdom. Jim works tirelessly to keep his small fringe group entacted. Throughout this 8 part series, everyone will be taken on an unbelievable journey into this alter-world of fun, games, drama and fantasy. Once you tune in, you won’t want to leave the Kingdom of Avalon!"

    1 comment:

    1. Great Documentary! Avalon is a great group as well..


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