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    Tuesday, July 18, 2006

    SCA in the News

    I've gotten all backed up with things to write about! So I'll try to keep it short...

    In about a week and a half I'll be traveling to San Francisco (Kingdom of the West) for five days. Sadly, this conflicts with 20th Year, which I really, really wanted to go to. The most Outlandish party of the year and I will not be there.

    Ah, well. Weddings are important, too.

    Another event I will miss is Rogue Camp, which ironically, would have fallen on the same weekend as 20th Year. But I can understand how they might not want to throw a 4 day party for 50 friends,
    being new parents and all.

    I just feel like I haven't gotten my recommended yearly dosage of camping events, and I'm surly about it. Maybe there's a few coming up that aren't too far to drive for a weekend.

    Lately I've noticed the SCA making the rounds of online news stories:

    Mancos, Renaissance style

    July 10, 2006 | Herald Staff Writer

    A man in a sashed white tunic tramps through the thoroughfare of matted straw, bellowing a voluble proclamation toward silk-draped tents and women at spinning wheels.

    "My lords and ladies, oyez, oyez, oyez! A white Chevy Blazer needs to be moved immediately!" (read more here)

    Another take on the same faire can be found at Cortez Journal Online.

    Ooohh, this one's in the OUTLANDS:

    Superday gets medieval touch
    Middle Ages and Renaissance relived for Cheyenne audience
    By Becky Orr

    Published in the Wyoming Tribune-Eagle CHEYENNE

    The decision would be an easy one for Deb Hammons. If she could exchange the 21st century for medieval times, she said she would do it.

    "It would be one of those dreams come true," she said Saturday at Lions Park.

    "Put me in the time machine." (read more here)

    Life in the Medieval world; Society for Creative Anachronisms (SCA) brings Middle Ages and Renaissance to reality
    by John Groth of the Jackson County Chronicle

    Mark Hoelscher wanted some friends. Instead, he wound up with a family.

    Ten months ago, the 27-year-old Hoelscher arrived home from being overseas with the military. His wife had moved out from their home in St. Cloud, Minn., while he was gone. He didn't know anyone. However, as Hoelscher began adjusting to the real world, more problems mounted. He started experiencing post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and having problems relating to people, especially civilians, because he had had been around military personnel for so long. He didn't know where to turn - or who he could turn to... (read more here)

    Mmmmmm. All this reading is making me hungry.

    I think I'll make a Medieval Castle Cake and lay seige to it.

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