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    Wednesday, July 05, 2006

    Glorious Glory and news of late

    Well, Glory was, of course, Glorious! Though we experienced some rain and some wind, it was never really all that bad. There were deer, weasel and wild turkey sightings, but no bad encounters with the local wildlife.

    As for official stuff, let's see...Cookie has been awarded his AoA, and Marcos was given his Silver Tyne. And I finally got to see the Drum Battle! All that grunting and heaving done by Donovan and Aleksy to get the war wagon on the trailer was well worth the results.

    In Darbuka, we were one of the few camps allowed to have fire, which made things much, much more festive. We were THE party every night! Thankfully, an orange Duke gifted us with a plethora of libations for the Darbucket. Upon returning to my tent during one party, I was shocked to discover that 12 people can fit in it. That's a lot of people in one tent. Not as bad as the big Bedouin during the Henna party, though....

    If I hadn't had to walk to the Smiling Bull for dinner and the White Rose for breakfast, I probably would never have left camp. Well, maybe once or twice to see the merchants.

    I got to be one of the last privledged few to leave site. It was weird, on Tuesday morning, waking up to almost no one left. The day turned into a fun-filled breaking-down-the-camp day that was honestly the best time I've ever had while attempting to leave an SCA event. I think Aleksy finding the last two beers in our cooler had a bit to do with my perception though.

    Yeah, go ahead and laugh. I'm a cheap date.

    Anyways, the mundane world kept on moving while I was away. Here's some things I scraped off the underbelly of the internet for you.

    Much ado about Google.
    I swear, Google is really trying to take over the planet. I've already gotten completely hooked on Google Earth. Now I can google forsoothly with Google Shakespeare!

    Caer Galen satirical history!
    As if there were any other kind. But seriously, speaking of verses....The Sporadic Verses gives readers a glimpse into the minds of those early creative authors of the area, who obviously had waaaaay too much free time. The Verses have achieved nearly a cult status, as evidenced by there being a role-playing game created to support the fans.

    There are other cool things in Wyoming besides Glory.
    You may know of my love for gypsy wagons. Maybe not. Someday, when I'm rich and/or famous, I will own at least one of these awesome gypsy wagons. Make sure you click on 'interior photos'. Can you imagine that all tricked out SCA style? If I'm lucky enough to become very, very rich, I'll buy a bunch and rent them out at events.

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