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    Friday, January 13, 2006

    Repost: Teahouse of the Winter Moon Report

    I love SCA Today. It helps me keep up to date on all the events and happenings of interest to us anachronists.

    And I also love to hear what Gentles from other Kingdoms think of the Outlands.

    This is a repost from SCA Today: Teahouse of the Winter Moon Report

    Saionji no Hanae (Lisa Joseph) of the West Kingdom reports of the recent Teahouse of the Winter Moon event which took place in the Kingdom of the Outlands January 7, 2006.

    Saionji no Hanae writes:


    I had promised a number of people a full report on my activities out of kingdom. If reading about people you don't know doing things you aren't interested in is not your cup of o-cha, kindly delete and pass on. Before you do, however, you should know that this traveler is awed, humbled and deeply honored at the hospitality she was shown by the people of the Outlands.

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