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    Tuesday, January 17, 2006

    Winter Oasis Photos

    Winter Oasis is one of my favorite events. I mean, how often can you spend all day learning about drumming, dancing and middle eastern culture and arts?

    The weather was perfect and the food was amazing and plentiful. Many of us took home huge platters overflowing with pakoras, couscous, falafel and other nameless delicacies, as there was simply too much food. I'm still stuffed.

    As always, the musicians and drummers of Darbuka played like rock stars. After the event was technically 'over' there was even more amazing music at the post revel (and this time we even had a real fire!)

    One exceptional piece of news was the announcement (in the form of a rhyming toast) that Justin and Rafi'a are expecting a baby girl this summer! The Outlands will have to do without these two for a while, but we'll all still be here when they are ready to camp out again. And with those two as parents, she'll grow up learning music, art and fencing. Planting the seed for future Darbuka generations!

    Anyway, I managed to take a few photos at Oasis. For your viewing pleasure...

    Donovan's Drum Class
    Teaching how NOT to 'wang'. Thank you.

    Recognize any of these dancers?
    You put your right foot in...

    Sir James's Drum Class
    A whole room full of echo-y goodness!

    Sadiq and Justin
    Frame drum duo - I swear Sadiq needs an action figure with 'spinning drum attack!'

    The Tea Table
    Make your own chai. How could life possibly get better than this?

    Kids drum making class
    Earplugs! Where are my earplugs?
    Seriously, it's amazing what you can do with markers and a bunch of coffee cans...

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    1. looks like the same place donovan got married


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