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    Thursday, January 26, 2006

    Booth Babes Banned at 2006 E3Expo trade show

    Oh, noooooooo! Sexy booth babes have been BANNED at the upcoming E3Expo! Dress codes will be enforced! And "ESA said it has sole discretion to determine what is acceptable."

    Video games have long been a haven for sexual themes. Apparently the game industry is trying inject a little morality back into them by making sure that the game creators don't use scantily clad models to direct interest to their newest endeavors.

    But I feel bad for the geeks. Whatever will they drool over while perusing the newest, hottest video games?
    Instead of just logging on to watch their World of Warcraft elf dance, this might be the one weekend a year that they crawl out of their darkened basements, blinking from the brightness of the sun, seeking contact (however brief...) with a real girl!

    I say, DOWN with the dress code! Geeks unite! Take BACK your skintight spandex, your negative 10 AC bikinis, your sparkly body paint! You go to the trade shows to see the new technology, yes, but the EYE CANDY is what makes the cost of the trip worthwhile!

    Besides, if the Game Industry can do this, the Comic Industry may not be far behind. Save the Spandex!

    1 comment:

    1. Next thing you know
      lawsuits over GTA...


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