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    Thursday, January 19, 2006

    Free SCA Matchmaking Service at Estrella War

    I'm not going to be single at Estrella War, but I know many who will be, and I can sympathize. Especially when those desert nights drop to 32 degrees, it's nice to share body heat.

    One of my favorite online news sourches, SCA Today, has just published a missive from a kindly Duchess, who would like to help alleviate the curse of singleness that has befallen many SCA'ers. Here's a bit of her letter:

    ...I offer a free service to matchmake all those single in the SCA. While so far all I have are local kingdom names, I will be branching out at Estrella and from there onto the internet. There is a profile to fill out and then they can search my book of profiles for the perfect match...

    (read more)

    Single? Check it out. You could meet a knight in shining armor. Or a lady worth fighting for.

    1 comment:

    1. this has totally inspired me to write a mocking sort of essay. lol


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