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    Thursday, August 25, 2005

    Serenity in Legos/Vote for the outfit I should wear to Serenity!

    I loved legos as a kid. I didn't get too many of my own, but some of my friends had plenty. Enough to make all kinds of crazy spaceships. Nowadays, you can make anything out of Legos.

    Take Serenity, for example. My GOD. This is SO COOL. I want one. He's even made the crew! AND THE SHIP LIGHTS UP.

    And I thought I had way too much free time.

    Oh, if you have no idea what Serenity is, you need to go and watch Firefly. Then you will be prepared for the movie.

    Speaking of the movie, I haven't decided what to wear to the premier yet. Should I dress as a Browncoat or a Companion? Maybe I should just wear a Blue Sun shirt, and go as "Mercenary Jayne."

    Help me out here, I'm having trouble deciding. Should I show my support for the Independents by going "Browncoat", knock 'em dead in a sexy "Companion" number or make everyone sweat with my "Mercenary" ensemble?

    Email me with your votes and I'll tally them and dress accordingly. For your viewing pleasure, I shall post photos of me at the show!

    I have a feeling I know how this will turn out...


    1. Mercenary Jayne for sure.

      You are the one responsible for turning me onto Firefly. Shame on you! :)

    2. well ... a sexy "Companion" number would be ... AWESOME!


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