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    Thursday, December 09, 2004

    Return of the King Extended DVD

    My friend who works at Blockbuster got an advance copy of the Extended edition DVD "Return of the King", and I must say I'm pretty impressed with all the extra scenes. They certainly fill in some of the story I thought was 'hurried through' in the theater version.

    Another fun thing is the 'easter egg' scene which is a faked interview with Elijah Woods. Only he doesn't know it's fake. Gotta love those saucy Germans.

    We only made it through the first disk of the movie, and haven't touched any of the other special features yet.

    I'm going to have a LOTR party sometime this spring, and we'll watch all three extended versions in a row, back to back. Then for those who can make it all the way through, we'll watch all three easter eggs. We've decided to serve mead, Hobbity food and make a version of lembas bread out of cornbread and honey.

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