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    Monday, May 14, 2007

    SCA Google Earth

    I had heard rumors of this project, and I am both very glad and very amazed to see that it has reached fruition. I know how these SCA projects can end up.

    This amazing map is the work of
    Diarmuid Ceolmhor and is a free collection for Google Earth called the SCA Google Earth Project. It currently consists of all known SCA groups as of May 11, 2007. There's no Kingdom borders or event sites yet, but the creator is taking submissions.

    Good gentles of the Known World, the marvels of modern cartography await you! Download Google Earth and be amazed!


    1. Thank You, My Lady, for bringing this to my attention. I already have Google Earth, how do I access this map?

      Your servant,


      1. -cries softly- the file is unacessable anymore :( I wish to get ahold of it as i have desires to travel and of course, pure curiousity, but its no longer there... any suggestions??
        Lady Annya

      2. Hi Lady Anna - I understand this link has been dead now for quite some time. I'm hoping that someday, someone who downloaded the KMZ file will see to uploading it somewhere again for all to use! My only copy of it is on an old 2000 Windows computer with a frozen hard drive... :(

    2. Visit the above link: "SCA Google Earth Project" and from that site you can download it. It is a kmz file recognizable by Google Earth. After you download it just open it with Google Earth! It is all contained very organized folders.

    3. I've also included it in my google maps

    4. Looks like this is no longer online :(

      A few years ago I mapped out all the branches of An Tir:

      It's a bit out of date now though. Has anyone done one for all of the SCA yet?


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