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    Wednesday, March 24, 2010

    Rapier in Calontir?

    A bit of SCA news from the Kingdom of Calontir tells me that apparently hell has frozen over along with the rest of us in this big snowstorm.

    Word on the internet is that "it was announced at Court on the last Saturday at Gulf Wars that there will be a 6 month trial period for steel combat in Calontir, aka Rapier/Cut & Thrust. We will be collecting accurate information for you as it disseminates."

    Huzzah to the many rogue Calontir fencers who have been waiting years for this!

    1 comment:


      It's going to be C&T with a variety of our own rules. No pirates. We can play heavy rapier, but you have to be armored up to Society C&T minimums.


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