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    Wednesday, June 11, 2008

    Shindigs abound!

    In these uncertain times, it's good to have things to celebrate. In the past month I've gone to a Browncoat shindig, a fun family reunion, an SCA camping event (Crossroads) and finally, finally seen Duran Duran live in concert (that was a 20+ year wait!)

    You're probably wondering what Browncoats? Wasn't Firefly and Serenity like, years ago now? Turns out there's a group of dedicated souls called the MileHigh Browncoats in *Colorado that have kept the Firefly party going, having monthly shindigs and raising money for charity. And always, for the last few years, every single shindig has conflicted with other important events on my calender. Until last Friday.

    Check out this video of special musical guest Bedlam Bards performing "Can't Take the Sky" at the shindig on June 6th:

    You can hear the appreciative audience woo-hooing and singing along. As the night wore on, and music of the 'verse filled the night air. In infectious happiness made me feel all shiny, and long for the days (three years ago!) when I used to blog about Firefly occasionally...

    Like what you've heard? Visit Bedlam Bards on Myspace, or get On the Drift - Music inspired by Firefly and Serenity

    *Browncoats are not specific only to Colorado. There are Browncoat chapters all across the country - there's even a Browncoat Wiki now!

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