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    Tuesday, April 15, 2008

    Not just another sword movie

    Some of you may have noticed the little graphic down on the sidebar for Reclaiming the Blade by Galatia Films. If not, seek it out and click it. Or you can just wait for the link I'll provide in the next paragraph or so.

    When I first heard this film was in production, I pored over their website, as any good fencer would do. A documentary about renaissance swordplay, narrated by John Rhys-Davies? Score points for that. But when I last looked, there were no videos: I had been looking for fight scenes. But I found the Friends of RTB, to which I promptly applied. I wanted very much to help this production see the light of day, for so many good independent films never make it to the screen.

    And there I sit, right between the Provo chapter of ARMA and the Chicago Swordplay Guild. Aye, distinguished company. The rest of the cast is not a shabby list of rogues, either!

    Want to learn more? Or perhaps win one of those prizes? Check out the RTB YouTube Channel and sign up for the newsletter to get on the list for the free booty!

    This movie could be coming out as early as this summer! For this, I will go to the theater again. Probably in costume.

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