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    Sunday, April 20, 2008

    Shakespeares' Serenity: verse about the 'Verse!

    Way back in the day, when I first started this blog, I considered many blog platforms. One of them was LiveJournal, which has a thriving community of brilliant geeks.

    In evidence of that fact, I present to my readers a few lines from evilrooster:

    Capt: There's more to flight than buttons, albatross,
    More to the pilot's role than charts and maps.
    You know the foremost rule of flying? Aye,
    I know you do, since you know what I'll say
    Before I part my lips.

    Riv: I do, but yet I like to hear you say it nonetheless.

    Capt: 'Tis love. Though you know all the math the 'verse
    Contains, if in the sky you take a ship unloved
    She'll shake you off as sure as worlds turn.
    Love keeps her in the air when she should fall
    And tells you that she hurts before she keens.
    It makes her home.

    Feast thy eyes upon the whole verse here. 'Tis short at present, but I hope the clamoring tribes of Browncoats will inspire this poetess to spill forth more magic from her mean keyboard. Surely, this will inspire others to similar words of art...because you know how crazy those Browncoats get.

    Maybe I should rewrite "Hero of Canton" in the style of Beowulf? Thankfully I've just finished reading Wealtheow, so I'm in the mood for that.
    Aye, and there will be a book review sometime soon, it's just a matter of time.

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