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    Friday, April 27, 2007

    Medieval Helmet Cam

    I never thought I'd see a helmet-cam video outside of the large SCA events like Pennsic or Estrella War. But here is a recent helmet-cam video uploaded to YouTube by a chap named grahamfield who appears to be a member of the Medieval Combat Society.

    Unlike the SCA, the Medieval Combat Society has a very small membership base (over 60 members!), plays with live steel and has a very narrow focus of reenactment: only the 14th Century during the period of King Edward III of England. Too bad they are all the way over there in England - I'd like to see their events firsthand. They have some fascinating links on their website as well.

    Before you click play, do turn DOWN your volume first - the announcer in the background is yelling through an obnoxiously bad speaker.

    More searching on their website finds even more videos.

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