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    Sunday, April 29, 2007

    Event Season Approacheth

    Just around the corner! Grand Outlandish pretty much kicks off major 'event season' here in the Outlands. If you live in the southern parts of the Kingdom, that's probably where you'll be over Memorial Day weekend.

    I will be at Crossroads instead. I haven't been to this since we changed sites. The last site wanted us to quit drumming at 10pm. Yeah. Right. And there was much shooshing of drummers. So, huzzah to the new site!

    My household, Darbuka, seems to have a pretty even split between north and south events this year, but one thing is for sure: we'll all be dancing to the greatest musical and drumming talent the Outlands has to offer.

    And just you all wait. I've gotten some upgraded accommodations as well. The Red Tent is going on sabbatical for repairs.

    Enjoy some fabulous mood music:

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