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    Friday, March 23, 2007

    Videos from Gulf Wars

    Someday, I'll get to go to Gulf Wars. It looks like tons of fun! And, looking at the map of the site, it looks like a huge event. Just check out this open field battle video and tell me you wouldn't enjoy that! Hulk smash!

    Here's a short video that gives a nice clear shot of the castle. Granted, it's not quite as grand as the Pennsic castle, but it sure adds a touch of realism. If this were a real attack on a real castle, it would be the opportune moment for some boiling oil, what with that logjam of fighters in the doorway...

    It's not ALL bashing each other with sticks, though. Hide your weapons at War, lest they become part of a freeform duct tape art sculpture tower! Did some Burning Man people sneak in to Calontir lately?

    Ok. I am officially jealous. Maybe next year...

    1 comment:

    1. I have been blogging my newbie experience at Gulf Wars since I got back (and have another week's worth coming down the pipe). Cookery, dancing, leatherwork, garb construction, tablet weaving, fencing, court, dancing, tent construction, shopping, general walking around pics, and did I say dancing? You should be jealous...I didn't want to come home!


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