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    Saturday, March 24, 2007

    God of War II - now with minty fresh LARP website!

    Sony, the brains behind God of War II, has deemed a group of West coast LARPers worthy enough to exploit for....ahem, I mean...proudly display in their latest marketing ploy. Even though I love history+hack&slash games, I'm not planning on buying this one, because the website, Battle of the Gods, is far too much fun! I mean, why buy the cow when the milk is free? Freeeee! I implore you, my loyal readers, to visit the site now, for nothing else you see or do this day will compare. Would I steer you wrong?

    On one side, you have Kratos, a Barbarian King, Atropos, Cyclops, and Icarus, which you can pit against Zeus, Colossus, the Minotaur, the Medusa Queen, or....Chubby Kratos, all played by normal people just like you and me. Ok, maybe not normal, but they are definitely people under all that body paint and plastic armor.

    This cast of ten brave souls are the talent behind what I hope will become one of the most mocked websites of all time. Their mad foam skillz are now part of something greater than just their mortal bodies, as they are now GODS!! Not that I believe in a pantheonic system of religion, but I would pray to every God I could think of that Sony paid you all very well for your time. Because your acting careers are over.

    To witness the majesty of "combat", choose your champions, and fight to the DEATH! Or select "characters" and learn a little mundane information about these weekend warriors. Oh, and thanks, Atropos. I never wanted NOT to be a graphic designer before now, but now I just feel kind of dirty knowing we both have the same mundane interests.

    My favorite line from the site? " I am Chubby Kratos, and I am all out of bubblegum!" Oh, yessss.... let the mocking commence...

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