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    Friday, March 23, 2007

    Pirates of the Caribbean : At World's End video game trailer

    Hot on the heels of the movie trailer, here comes the PotC At World's End video game to kick off the marketing frenzy that will no doubt resemble a storm at sea. If you've never experienced repetitive 20 foot swells bashing you around, a sickening feeling you can't get away from and the smell of fish gone bad, well, you haven't lived.

    After watching both trailers, I think I might enjoy the game better - the graphics look really good. The fighting appears to have some actual realism, and you just can't argue with a giant squid boss.
    Call me jaded, but I'm going to place a bet that finding the hidden rum gives you a power-up. I wonder if there's an 'auto-swagger' mode for Captain Jack?

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