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    Tuesday, March 06, 2007

    Uncyclopedia - don't waste time on inferior educational sites!

    I'm all for the proliferation of educational websites such as and Wikipedia. Because if you read it on the internet, it must be true, right?

    Well, I love a hefty dose of humor in my internet diet, and this 'online find of the day' is both humorous AND educational. Sort of.

    The Uncyclopedia stretches the boundaries of modern wisdom. Please note that the Uncyclopedia is not kid-safe. It's probably around PG-13 though, considering all the swearing kids do nowadays....

    By now you've likely heard of the great mapping program Google Earth. Well, you won't find it on Uncyclopedia, but you will find information about Google Middle Earth, a palantir
    -driven geographical simulation program! I gotta get me one of those!

    The article about Vikings has finally cleared up the meaning of the word "viking" for me. It is derived from the Old Norse verb "vike" which means "to wear an awesome helmet." Good to know. And, it was not just the axe they used in viking raids, they also favored the longsword, the really longsword, and the really really longsword.
    You learn something new every day!

    Imagine my surprise when I found their research on the elusive Ninja-Pirate, which states that "a
    Ninja pirate is not a mammal at all, but is really an igneous rock formation given sentience by a fusion of magic and technology called Funk. And I certainly did not expect their claim that the Spanish Inquisition was just a successful game show! Wheel! Of! Torture!

    Wow! I can just feel myself getting smarter!

    Further delving into the articles reveals an entry about a terrible disease: William Shatner Syndrome, which, causes, you, to, pause, after, every, word. How can we stop this horrible thing? KHAAAAN!!!

    For the do-it-yourselfers, they have a robust How-To section, including, How to Live in an RPG, How to Make Cheesy Sci-Fi, How to be a Pirate, and ooooh! How to Construct a Federation Starship!

    I'm off to the Orion Nebula, be back tomorrow...

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