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    Tuesday, January 16, 2007

    Free press for the SCA!

    I wasn't going to mention this, because I don't like jumping on to the 'sensational story of the moment' but, the SCA has become 'mainstream news' again.

    (Has everyone heard by now, of the high school senior whose yearbook photo was denied because he was holding a sword, which violated the schools zero tolerance 'no weapons' policy? No? Well, he's in the SCA and his family is suing the school. Now you're up to speed.)

    The original ACLU press release really sparked a firestorm of news online...

    All of this press about the lawsuit is attracting an awful lot of attention to the SCA, but thankfully it is of the generally positive variety rather than the negative kind.

    Whichever way this lawsuit is decided, it is a great opportunity for the SCA. This is a chance for us (as a non-profit organization, which supports itself through membership funds) to increase our ranks.

    Good press translates into: potential members. Let's use the free press we've just been handed!

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