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    Tuesday, January 16, 2007

    Estrella Countdown Continues!

    Less than a month! I always forget something important every year. That's why this time I'm doing research.

    Everything You Never Wanted to Know About Going to War!
    has some
    great information about the new Estrella War site...from an Outlander who appears to have been there, based on the detailed knowledge.

    Also, here is very clear satellite image from Flash Earth. I wish I knew what time of year the photo was taken, though. That big stagnant pool of Gila River water a stones' throw from the Outlands might make bug spray a necessity.

    But you know what's cool in an 'SCA geek' kind of way? That dark line that runs diagonal across the top of the map is a real honest-to-goodness aqueduct.

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