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    Wednesday, December 06, 2006

    Great Holiday gifts for Medieval Geeks!

    Forget the i-Pod. Not cool enough. Playstation 3, you are pwned!! Wii? Whatever!

    Only here will you find the coolest gifts for this holiday season!! Providing that your intended recipients are medieval geeks. Otherwise, they'll think you've gone mad.

    Stocking Stuffers:
    Avast! These sticky little Jolly Rogers are sure to make anyone smile! Pirate Adhesive Bandages will also attract attention! Be prepared if someone asks you "Were you burned by acid or something like that?" and remember that the correct reply is "Oh no. It's just that they're terribly comfortable. I think everyone will be wearing them in the future."

    Even geeks need car toys. These Plush d20 Danglers are waaay better than plain old 6 sided fuzzy dice you see hanging from the rear view mirror of almost every 1950's hot rod. Because these scream GEEEEEK in large, red letters. But, if you're old school (Paper and Dice Age) D&D, you must have these. Yes, they are precious...

    For Ladies:

    Mundial 150-4CS Specialty Forged 4" Chanticleer Embroidery Scissors for the budding (or lifetime) seamstress! Beautiful bird scissors you always see Ladies of the Court snipping at their embroidery hoops with. Tres Elizabethan!

    Windowbox Medieval Herb Garden
    Grow your own! I have pretty much a 'black thumb', so I can't say this would ever get out of the box if I had it. I'm sure that most Anachronistic Ladies would find this just charming! Nothing like fresh herbs!

    Need to make a romantic affirmation? This lovely Sterling Silver Medieval Garnet Poison Box Ring does the trick without needing to know anything about "cut, clarity and color." Cheaper, too. Just don't piss her off after giving her this one.

    Renaissance Bosom Dagger

    You can't go wrong with this blade! Unless your Lady is, uh....lacking the proper cleavage.

    For Lords:

    'Rosa dei Venti' - Italian Leather Journal should suit any Lord with an interest in such self expressions as poetry, writing, grocery lists or football pools.

    Some of the most memorable food I've ever eaten was done in a primitive fire. with
    The Magic of Fire: Hearth Cooking: One Hundred Recipes for the Fireplace or Campfire anyone can learn the principles of creating great outdoor food. MMMMMM!

    Inflatable Treasure Chest Cooler
    Seriously. What Lord wouldn't like a treasure chest cooler? I mean, it could even double as a spare garb box at camping events. Probably a bad place to store his armor though...

    Movie Fans:
    The Adventures of Robin Hood with Errol Fynn! If you've got even just a teeeeeny bit of cavalier or swashbuckler in you, you can't help but love Errol Flynn. This looong overdue 65th Anniversary Special Edition DVD includes more extra gold than Sir Guy's pouch! "Rabbit Hood" and "Robin Hood Daffy" cartoons, outtakes, blooper reel, and galleries with historical art, costume design, concept drawings....Huzzah!! Safe for children! Quite possibly, the perfect gift!

    Another 2-Disc Limited Edition DVD that made this year's holiday list is Fire and Ice! The animation technique was really ahead of it's time (1983) and Ralph Bakshi did one hell of a job bringing Frank Frazetta art to the screen. Watching it feels like you are reading an old Conan comic book! It's violent, and there is an unusually large amount of cleavage in this movie. Think barbarians in a hot jungle and you've got a good start. NOT a cartoon for kids!

    For Children:
    Use the 159 piece Arabian, Thai, Greek and Medieval Castle Wooden Block Set to create replica model buildings, or make up new styles of fantastic architecture with these durable hardwood blocks. The manufacturer recommends ages 2 years and up, but I would bet that much older children would still get great enjoyment. Like the guy who wants to glue them permanently together and use them in tabletop roleplaying games....

    Speaking of games, the holidays just wouldn't be the same without board games! The Dread Pirate Bookshelf Edition contains a wonderfully illustrated and aged treasure map, cast metal playing pieces, replica doubloons, wooden dice, treasure bags and pirate treasure. Looks like it's going to be plunder for the holidays! ARRRR!!

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