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    Things I like on Etsy

    Saturday, December 02, 2006

    If I were a child, this would be the BEST present ever!

    This is the coolest thing I've seen on eBay in a loooong tine. If I were a kid now, I would ask for this instead of the Playstation 3 or a video iPod.

    The Disney Style Pirate's Hideaway Playhouse was created by the La Mesa Firefighters as part of their Annual La Mesa Octoberfest Charity Auction for the San Diego Adaptive Sports Foundation.

    From the description: Play Sand covers both the inside and the outside of this Pirate Adventure Playhouse, approximately a foot deep in all areas. Great for digging or burying treasure ....... It is loaded with great extras, Official Pirate Treasure Chest, Play Cannon and shells litter the sand just like the Real Pirate beaches, and don't forget the Pirate Skull and Crossbones Flag that be waving on the Mast, Arrrrrr.

    The inside of this Awesome Pirate Skull Playhouse has it's very own sturdy Pirate Hammock to rest them weary Pirate bones, which as you can see in the pictures some bones have been left behind. You Can climb the Mast by rope or ladder to the 2nd story platform and ring the Pirate Bell as you sail off on another adventure. It also includes it's own lighting system and timer, 3 lights don the nose and eyes, and yes the Patch even moves if need be matey. 2 other lanterns are hanging within the Pirate Skull. It has it all tons of Doubloons, treasure you name it.

    As I write this, there's only about 5 hours left of the auction clock. $1800. Hmmmm......

    I've got a pretty big backyard.

    Local pickup only, in San Diego. I'll need a one way ticket there and a flatbed truck to get it home.


    Arrr mateys, your Capn' could finally have a suitable hideaway!

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