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    Tuesday, December 12, 2006

    Firefly News: MPORG, Capissen 38 Car and Flanvention cancelled!

    A couple of weeks ago I checked out EVE Online, which was far, far too complex for me to get into, but the graphics were amazing! I've been interested in space-themed MPORGs since seeing Firefly. I surmised that the "Eve" universe could be easily adapted to include Firefly and Serenity ships, characters and quests, if the user interface were simplified a bit. What the world needs is a virtual 'verse!

    Lo and Behold! Mere days after I mentioned this fact to my partner, I see that the internet is abuzz with the very same notion! Now all we need to do is wait until 2008. Sigh. I wonder if Reavers will be a playable class.

    Fans can do AMAZING things for the shows they love. Take Phil Teller, for instance, who has built a flamethrowing car called the Capissen 38. The slideshow has photos of almost every angle of the car, and detailed descriptions. It appears to be some oooold 70's model, but I can't tell with all the extra space junk on it. Is that thing even street legal?

    In other Firefly news, the Big Damned Flanvention 2 that was scheduled to happen Dec 8 - 10th was mysteriously cancelled at the last minute by the coordinators, Booster Events. Wired has the scoop from day 1, CNET news has more information from day 2, and by day three, the Backup Bash was rolling sweetly along! I am amazed at the tenacity of the California Browncoats for saving the weekend for all those fans! Still, there are several hundred fans crying for Booster Events' blood, demanding full refunds and making very bad press for them.

    I don't personally know anyone who went (as there were only 500 tickets sold) but here's a Flickr gallery from The One True B!x with photos from the 'event'. Some very sexy sideburns there, Wash!

    STILL don't have the Serenity movie or the Firefly series in your DVD collection? What are you waiting for? They make great holiday gifts, too!

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