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    Monday, September 04, 2006

    Filk 'n SCA and Georgian Cultural Video

    Well, the long holiday weekend is almost over. Having NOT gone to an SCA event over Labor day weekend seems...I don't know...wrong somehow.

    There has been much discussion in my social group that we just haven't had enough SCA events this year, and we're all whiny about it. This eventually devolved into a filk called "I want my SCA" sung to the tune of "Money for Nothin" by the Dire Straits.

    This whole episode gave me an idea. I clearly miss the SCA. I have also been known to sing a bit. I shall just have to filk to pass the time between events. That way, by the time Estrella War rolls around, I'll have at least a few funny songs ready.

    I'm working on one now to the tune of Kermit the Frog's Rainbow Connection. But it's about Laurels. No one ever writes songs about Laurels, do they? Hmmmm... stay tuned for that one.

    I would also like to catalog some of the lost songs of the Outlands. Anyone remember Baird? With classics such as "Rhino" and "I hit friends in low places."

    And what about Randal the Malcontent? There's a guy who needs a website or something. He had waaaay too many good songs for them just to vanish when he stopped playing in the SCA.

    Maybe I'll cover his stuff and upload a bunch of them to YouTube. (The online free video service to which I am now well and truly addicted)

    However, after seeing this freaking fabulous thing come out of Georgia (the country, not the state), I may never be able to see myself singing, dancing or fighting on video without thinking that this will always be better. 100 times better.

    Boy do I need a book LIKE THAT. Lucky kid.

    1 comment:

    1. I got the link to this off the outlands list... That video's SO cool. I was able to get some of the french subtitles, but do you have any idea what the song is about? Sounds like some sort of inspirational patriotic type thing...


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