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    Friday, September 08, 2006

    Changes to Anachronista

    Apparently, I'm never, ever going to be done tinkering with my blog. There's a new section on the upper right called "Places to Go" which have direct links to many of the other pages that I keep online. The first is DarbukaGirl, which will take you to my channel on YouTube. Yes, I have my own channel. Frightening, isn't it? Here you can view not only the videos that I've uploaded, but also all of my playlists and favorites, too. Please keep in mind that YouTube is not child safe - you are literally three clicks away from hell.

    The next new link is My Amazon Store! Yes. I've gone and sold out. If you plan on shopping with Amazon, do me a favor and jump into their website through my store. Then I will receive a commission. Which I will then turn around and spend on MORE BOOKS. See? You are helping me stay educated.

    Last, but not least is the link called MySpace SCA Group, which should be pretty self-explanatory. This group has over 3000 members! That's about 10% of the paid membership that the SCA can verify. You can read any message or bulletin on this group if you do not have a MySpace account, but any further actions require you to sign up. But don't worry, it's free!

    Also, you'll see that I've changed all of the products I'm offering through Again, if you are planning on shopping at, please jump to their store through one of my image links, and I'll end up with a commission from the sale.

    Every little bit helps. The more cash I can bring in right now, the likelier it is I'll be able to go to the big expensive events like Estrella and Pennsic.

    Ok, onto less 'self promotion'. I shall NOT be attending Outlands Crown Tournament this weekend, as I have to work and visit family. Until I get that cloning booth perfected, I won't be able to do more than one thing at one time.

    Here's something very weird I found online the other day. Just when I thought the Renaissance Faire thing had been done to death, along comes All-Star Cruises and Travel with three upcoming Renaissance Festival cruises. Who ever thought of mixing a RenFair with a cruise? It's either going to be very fun, or very awkward. I mean, you can't get away from the creepy guy in a nylon cape if you are all on the same boat together!! Then again, the pirate possiblities are endless...

    And because I can't end a post without adding video, here's one of the latest I've uploaded to DabukaGirl. It's an old Saltanah performance at the Mercury Cafe in Denver.

    What a GREAT dancer, huh? Ooohh, do I ever need to workout.

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