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    Monday, September 11, 2006

    Crown Tournament and Vintage SCA photos

    Well, I don't know about you all, but I sure seemed to cram a whole bunch of stuff into this last weekend. Yes, I know I missed a good Crown. Oh, yes - and congratulations go to Duke Artan and Duchess Aziza, the new Outlands Crown Prince and Princess! This will be Duke Artan's 6th reign as King of the Outlands. When he steps down, will that make him the Duke Cubed? (Duke3)

    Speaking of Crown Tournament, don't miss
    THL Robert Marchet's website, where there are glorious photos of the day, such as this 'moment of reflection' shown here. There are several wonderfully captured moments you'll want to see. I've taken the liberty of coming up with some catchy titles for a few of my favorites: 'just like whack-a-mole', 'nice dodge' and 'oooooh, that looks painful.'

    But seriously. I only jest so much because I love them. They're really, really that good.

    Another great photo gallery (and
    SCA historical reference) is Vintage SCA Photos! It's a Flickr photo page where you can upload pre-1986 SCA photos. And just look who is already in there...pre-Outlands, I'm guessing.

    Flickr is a free service if you have any old incriminating photos of the Dark Ages you'd like to upload...

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