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    Saturday, August 26, 2006

    A plethora of Pennsic Pictures!

    No, I didn't miraculously get to go to Pennsic for the last weekend. I wish. Being back in the motorcycle industry means it will be like pulling teeth to get time off in August. Sturgis and Pennsic just happen to fall across the same dates. Well, with all the overtime I've done lately, maybe I'll have no worries about Estrella War in 2007...

    Anyway, being an SCA blogger of some repute, AND moderating a 3000+ member SCA group on MySpace, means I get many links sent to me, and I collect heaping spoonfuls of sweet sites to pass on to my readers.

    This being the end of August, all those Pennsic photos are now making their way into online galleries all across the internet.

    Here's a few I've found so far:

    Liam St. Liams' Flickr Pennsic photos
    You can't argue with 484 photos. Geez, did you have time to fight??

    Eirik Andersen's Pennsic War 35
    He's got three current galleries on his site of Pennsic 35, including Opening Ceremonies and combat. Also older galleries of past events. Cool!

    Baron Agrippa's Pennsic 35 Photos

    If you like snubbery, Roman stuff and banners, you'll enjoy his photos. There's also a few nice panoramics in the later pages.

    THL Milica of Varna, ('s Editor-In-Chief) Pennsic XXXV Photos
    Her galleries are broken up into segments like "Midnight Madness" and "Walk around Pennsic". Also several galleries from past events.

    I'm sure there are more photos out there. Got a gallery of images?

    Email me a link at anachronista @ (just take the spaces out of this address) and I'll post it here!


    1. Just curious what you mean by snubbery? Have a good one!

    2. Snubbery means the partitions (like painted sheets, bamboo screens, etc) around the pertimiter of an encampment that direct others towards the front gate. Even something simple as a peice of string can prevent people from just strolling through your camp.

      Snubbery (in the slightly cynical sense) helps if someone erects a nylon ghetto next to you. Then you simply don't have to look at it.


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