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    Monday, August 21, 2006

    Pennsic is OVER and Duran Duran is Virtual!

    With the end of Pennsic yesterday, I expect that thousands of SCAers are headed home to unpack, tell their best NSTIW stories, and finally get a full nights sleep after two weeks of paradise.

    Did anyone think to bring home some of the famous Pennsic chocolate milk for me? Is there a trailer stuffed to the gills with weapons, tents and garb boxes, also carrying a cooler, perhaps filled with the 'food of the gods' itself? If only I could believe in such miracles....

    Man, I cannot WAIT for Estrella to hear the War Wagon again. Neither can you? Well, aren't you lucky?? Look what I found on my hard drive....

    OH YEAH. GO OUTLANDS! I swear I'm going to make good on my threat to create an Outlands Cheerleading Squad someday.

    I really CAN talk about SCA all day, hmmm? Better move on to other things before I get stuck this way....

    One of my greatest regrets in life was that I never went to see Duran Duran in concert.
    Yes. I am a geek. Let's get that out of the way right now. Good.

    I was always in the wrong place at the wrong time, or didn't have the money for the huge stadium shows. Imagine my utter shock at finding out that they will be playing a virtual concert in Second Life on their very own Sim set up for that purpose.

    They could choose avatars that look like younger, 80's versions of themselves, complete with new-wave hair! I wonder if they will play a bunch of B-sides (if you don't know what THAT means, you were born AFTER 1985) like Secret October, Khanada, and Faster than Light from their vinyl?

    I've got over $2k of Lindens burning a hole in my virtual pocket. Bring on the REFLEX! I've gotta go tease my hair...

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