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    Saturday, August 05, 2006

    Firefly/Serenity Fan Films

    I put my Jayne hat on the other day just because I missed the show so much. Clearly, I was craving something new to fill the Firefly/Serenity void.

    ot much news lately, since Sci-Fi picked up the show...but wait, there's always Fan Films!

    Done The Impossible - A Fan's tale of Firefly and Serenity looks promising. They've even prominently displayed 'the Jayne Hat' in their packaging! You can buy the DVD from their site or download it free and legally HERE.

    Since posting a couple of my own films on, I've become aware of several THOUSAND other good films there. But, s
    ince I can't post multiple videos at once, you'll just have to click the links to watch these films.

    Tour Serenity 1 - a handheld camera is walked through the set. Pretty cool, but no sound. Tour Serenity 2 has lots of lights and controls on the bridge!

    Lego Serenity Trailer - LEGOS! Enough said.

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