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    Monday, June 19, 2006

    Glory looms and Mundania interferes

    No, I haven't died. I've been very, very caught up in mundane life lately, and trying not to let it all overwhelm me. When somebody figures out cloning, please let me know. I want another few of me.

    It seems like there's always too much to do in the summer, and part of me always has regrets about the invitations I have to decline because I'm already double or triple booked that weekend.

    Aye, well. Mundania is there to be escaped from. There's just too many choices!

    Thankfully, I was able to coincide a visit to my family last weekend with a trip to Club Dragonsspine. Oh, how that basement has changed! What once was a concrete room, roughed in with 2x4s (and a haven for spiders) is now a sexy, swanky tiki lounge complete with pool table and a better stocked bar than one usually finds in the basement of a non-descript house in suburbia.

    Present at the club were of course many Dragonspinians...and a displaced Outlander living in Atenveldt, returned for a visit. Homesick I suspect. I would be.

    And yes, I managed to get a couple of rounds of NostaRovias going. As practice for Glory. Right.

    It should be awe-inspiring and more fun than I've had since...uh...Estrella War, probably. Plus, this will be my first real camping event with Alexsy.

    He got to go to Uprising in Artemisia without me, and apparently fit right in like someone born and raised SCA. I languished at work, with twinges of jealousy. Grrrrr. Why does there have to be black-out dates on vacation time from work??

    On his return, he soothed my pout with a lovely silver camel pin. Can somebody say "huzzah" for me?

    Like I always can never have too many camels.

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