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    Thursday, June 08, 2006

    What, no Apocalypse?

    Well, not surprisingly, 06/06/06 passed without our planet being devoured by the flames of hell. I think the worst thing that happened was the remake of The Omen got released on that day.

    From the few I know who have seen it, I hear it's really weak, not that I would have watched it anyway. I'm done with horror movies. The old Omen scared me to DEATH, but I think I was 6 or 7 when I saw it. Way too young. But then again, I got scared by The Blob, so I can't vouch for the 'actual scariness' of the original Omen.

    I haven't wanted to go out to ANY movies lately, because I am now completely certain that Hollywood has run out of good ideas. I mean, a remake of Aeon Flux? Please!

    Ok, I'll admit I'm looking forward to Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Mans' Chest but I do have a penchant for pirates...

    As for the SCA news, currently in Artemisia, if one were to go to an event called Uprising, one could stroll into the Darbuka encampment and find my partner and a few good friends all camped in my old 20'x30' bedouin tent.

    And I just KNOW that there is some good music going on, and everyone within earshot is falling asleep to it every night. Sigh. But I'm not jealous. Nope.

    I'm so glad my new guy has a great group of people to go to his very first camping event with. We were able to find him a replacement drum (for the one in his stolen car) to take with so that he can learn those tricky 10/8's.

    Well, his absence is giving me some free time to blog, and catch up on other projects. Huzzah!

    Here are some things I've wanted to share with you all:

    The SCA gets mentioned in a "Ripley's Believe It or Not!" comic. That makes us officially geeks!

    Also, the DaVinci Code has apparently created a surge of interest in arcane languages and artifacts. Well, you don't have to go all the way to Europe to dig up nifty cryptic stones: right here in America is the Kensington Runestone. This article has some new info that seeks to verify that Norwegians visited America in 1362.

    And most importantly, I've been wanting to mention Your Inner Vagabond for quite some time, mostly because I admire them, but now because anything you buy helps get them back on their feet after a fire. Go for the photo gallery at least. These people REALLY live the dream.

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