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    Friday, May 26, 2006

    Crossroads, SereMuppety, Warning Label Generator

    Well, I hope that the Southern Outlands is having a great time at Grand Outlandish right now. I don't know a single soul from up here in the north lands that went, but none of us are really all that bent about it. With the gas prices being so high, I think the SCA is going to suffer much lower numbers at the larger camping events this year. You sure won't see a ton of Outlanders at Pennsic this year.

    To those who know me in 'real life' or in person, here is why I have been relatively unavailable for the past few weeks:

    My boyfriends' car was stolen, with his wallet, all of his fencing equipment and his mosaic doumbek inside. We did days of 'recon' in the area where the thief had been using his credit cards, and handed over all of the evidence to the detective assigned to his case. I think the detective probably just blew his nose with it, for all the results he's gotten, which is nothing. I swear the Denver cops could care less about you unless there's a possibility for gunplay or good PR from a front page photo about a big drug bust.

    The car was recovered, after a week or so, but of course there was nothing in it, and it was ransacked for parts and covered in racing stickers. So he's not going to fence for a while...but hopefully some merchant at Crossroads will have some other drums for him to try out.
    I'm certain that the swords are in a pawnshop, but they hold items for 30 days. But who knows IF they are ever found, are they in any condition to fight with?

    Also, there was a death in my family earlier this week that has taken all the wind out of me. It's not that I don't think I'll ever feel joy again, but the spectre of death sure puts a hurt on your good mood. Which wasn't really all that good from the car theft anyway.

    But I've made the decision to go to Crossroads and merchant on Saturday. Maybe I can make some money to put into my SCA event account (which currently has around $1.37) by selling off some old garb and trinkets. It's been a loooong time since I've set up and merchanted at an event, and we'll see if this sets the stage for more merchanting in the future. Apparently a few Darbukans really like my idea of a "DarbukaMart" at Glory.

    At least it'll be a good practice day for my guy, who has never been to a camping event before. Or dealt with me in 'set-up' mode. I hope I'm not suddenly single soon.

    Eh, onto less depressing stuff. Things I've found recently online that wanted to pass on:

    A unique burial monument at Tara - I'm still interested in things Celtic. Especially when they find things that could link two distinctly different cultures.

    SereMuppety. Serenity + Muppets. How freaking brilliant is that?? This fellah named Walkerboh has a DeviantArt site ( so I'm not responsible if you click other links while there...) with a serial comic he's made using Muppet figurines. Look for the "Complete SereMuppety Comic" on the right side of his page, and read them in order. Go! NOW! You cannot resist the call of the muppet!

    Oh, yeah, speaking of camping events, the last big one I went to was Estrella War, when I had to send some of my heavier stuff on the War Wagon (a rented commercial truck). The Barony of Caerthe always requires anyone sending their things to War this way to label them with your SCA name, phone number and who you are camping with. I think next year I'll stick some nice warning labels on there. I've got to make a ton of different ones for Glory...

    Hey, you know what ELSE I found out? I'm NOT the biggest geek in the world.

    This guy is. Wow. I'm sure glad I didn't have 'madd web skillz' as a teenager...

    Anyways, come to Crossroads on Saturday to sample my fyne wares!!


    1. I now have added your blog to my daily read and posted it as a favorites link on my own. The sign generator is amazing as well as the church sign and street sign generators that are links on its site. I can see many hours of fun ahead. Thanks for entertaining and enlightening all of us.

    2. wholesomedick, is that a challenge to submit my version of the SCA to ED? Because there is nothing on that site about it, and the lack of it is conspicuous...


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