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    Monday, May 22, 2006

    MySpace Story Chain Letters and SAVE Deadwood

    My SCA MySpace group has swelled in size over the last couple of months. It is now over 2,500 members. Because of moderating the group, I get all kinds of messages, requests and forwards. But one of the most horrible things about MySpace (even though most of it is fun) is the 'story chain letters'. One person starts a story, and the next adds a few words, and so on...

    I usually just delete stuff like this, but I realized that I pretty much lived this story so far at Estrella War last February.

    I have decided to start a 3 word story, lets keep it SCA related and for those who dont know what SCA is then just keep it Medieval related like knights, horses, kings etc. so come on!!! War is coming lets get geared up and play ^_~ Copy and paste into a new bulletin with your 3 words at the bottom !!!

    No Sh*# there I Was:

    1. I had Just - Julie
    2. Finished Killing the - Gunther *G.E.R.*
    3. Fighter from lame - Sammy
    4. Then drank Bane - Magical lol
    5. All Night Long ~ Dargo
    6. even though my ~ Bishy
    7. bottle of Rum ~Krusty
    8. was almost empty ~ madihah
    9. and my Pants ~ Patrick
    10. were on the flagpole ~ Meriam
    11. In drunken bewilderment ~ Mhari
    12. I staggered to ~ Rick
    13. a Nightwolf Party ~ Fonda
    14.To Hunt pirates~Jessika star butt
    15: and drink mead ~ Carrie

    I'll keep an eye on this chain and see if it gets funnier....

    Another thing learned from MySpace today: Where to go to protest HBO for cancelling Deadwood: SAVEDEADWOOD.NET

    1 comment:

    1. I have been watching season 2 of deadwood on DVD


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