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    Tuesday, May 16, 2006

    Fencing Fun at Outlands Coronation

    Though I missed Saturday of Outlands Coronation, on Sunday, the Protector of the Queen's Heart Tournament was wonderful!

    Having not entered the tourney myself and with nothing pressing to do, I bore fruit to the weary fighters on the list field. I got a little exercise, and of course the opportunity to ask everyone to 'sample my melons' was just too juicy to resist.

    I got literally ringside seats, and witnessed Don Charles overtake Baron Sir Chronos in the final round. Both fine men, and I was torn during their last fight as to who I thought would best the other.

    A good surprise of the day turned out to be the new Queen's choice for the Rapier of Chivalry - Darbuka's own Marcos. That, my friend, is a damn fine sword you are holding there. Mabrouk!

    And now for something completely different.

    It appears that Secret Jedi Fencing Techniques are being learned somewhere in the Northern Outlands. Evidence of this was accidentally captured with a digital camera. Clearly, The Force is strong in this one...

    I can't even get point control. Now I gotta do MIND CONTROL to keep up?

    ....ooops....almost forgot! Photos taken by Aleksi with Caoilinn's camera...

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