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    Saturday, December 17, 2005

    Herald Humor

    For whatever reason, I've never gotten an SCA name or device passed through the College of Heralds. Oh, right, that would be because I've never submitted either one. No wonder it's taking so long.

    I've been in the SCA for about twelve years now, and it's probably about time I made it official,yes? Hopefully I don't get this treatment. I always wondered what happened to name/device submissions...

    I bring this up because I'm trying to help my new guy come up with a name before he starts attending events. It's very confusing for people to learn your mundane name, and then a few weeks or months later, you've got a new name and they're already used to using the first one.

    I have the experience of changing my name ( to Jinan ) after being in the SCA for eight years. It took about a year for most of my friends to get it. But there are still a few who will never use anything BUT my old name ( Brenainn ). At least they sound similar. I felt it was important to find a similar phonetic structure so that the transition would be easier.

    This led to about a year of people starting a conversation with me and saying "Bre...Jinan" or my personal favorite "Jibrain". Add a little mead and the really funny variations start to come out. Ah, well. I've been called worse.

    Therefore, for any of my readers who are thinking of joining the SCA and need a name and/or device, or if you are thinking of changing your current one, here are some handy reference sites that may or may not help.

    Actually, they probably won't really help.

    Choosing an SCA name
    - From

    Top 10 Reasons Your Device May not be Registrable - From

    The Most Common Registered SCA First Names

    Khevron's Heraldic Toast

    Free Heraldry Clipart

    Heraldic Myths

    Offensive Heraldry

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